Become a Host Family

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World School invites you and your family to join many of other families across Peterborough who enjoy the enriching and rewarding experience of hosting! We believe that the host family service we offer is the most important element for students experiencing life in England.

All our families agree to abide by English UK’s Homestay Code of Practice (see below) for providers of homestay accommodation for students from abroad.

English UK’s Homestay Code of Practice:

  • To encourage the student to speak English as much as possible in your home
  • To encourage the student to feel at home and to treat him/her as a member of the family rather than a paying guest
  • Not to host another student of the same native language at the same time unless by special arrangement with the students and the schools/centres
  • To provide a clean and comfortable student room, meeting the requirements laid down by the British Council
  • To provide a home environment in which it is possible for the student to carry on his/her English Studies properly
  • To provide the student with a balanced and appropriate diet
  • To show due concern for the welfare, safety and security of the student during his/her stay
  • To give the student reasonable and regular access to bathroom and laundry facilities
  • To maintain a close liaison with the student’s school/centre and so be in a position to help resolve any problems that the student may encounter during his/her stay
  • To respect the student’s different cultural background and to be sensitive to the needs of the student

Wondering about our Study Holidays in UK?

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Peterborough Week

Volcanic Ash Update

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World School has not been affected by the latest airport closures as of 12.00pm 4/5/10. All airports local to us are open.